Martin Minshall

Live from the TARDIS

Tue 11th Nov 2014
Live from the TARDIS | Martin Minshall

Last night took a rather unexpected turn...

As I headed into Manchester to appear on 'Tom Hingley's World of Ignorants' on Fab Radio International I anticipated my interview and live session would go much like any other. I thought that the highlight from the show would be my performance; I'd purposefully chosen two songs of a different tone to those performed during previous radio appearances during the Summer. On the train home, though, my highlight was something else completely.

It came about mid-show when I took a picture of the outside of the studio, which had been made to look like a TARDIS from Doctor Who As I explained what I was doing, I saw an exchange between presenters Tom and Phil and thought that I'd said something that I perhaps shouldn't have live on air. The two reassured me that I hadn't, and that the look between them was because they both had the same idea. Tom went on to explain that they would be talking all things Doctor Who after 10pm and asked if I'd like to stay a little bit longer to give some input. Being a huge fan of the revived series my answer was a definite yes!

After a short break I returned to the studio to give my thoughts on Series 8 and Saturday's finale, 'Death in Heaven' and I could have stayed and chatted all night. My appearance on the show went by in an instant and by the time I'd finished I'd almost forgotten my original reason for coming on the show, having ended up in a world science fiction.

The TARDIS and the Doctor Who chat are probably the two things I'll remember most about last night. As far as unexpected turns go, that's not bad!

If you missed the radio show or would like to listen again click here.